Company Overview (Create My Webshop Platform) is a venture of KPM Global Technologies ( A leading IT solutions company; based out of Netherlands. KPM Global Technologies is a fast-growing IT solution company. KPM Global Technologies has created multiple e-commerce platforms for Online Shopping, Retail, Travel, Tourism etc; which are successfully running globally & in Netherlands.

Create My Webshop ( is a new cloud-based platform introduced by KPM Global Technologies to help & support small/medium & large shop owners to bring their business online with our cost effective solution and create a smooth and easy digital transformation of their business.

We have created (Create My Webshop) solution to provide cost effective digital solution to small/medium & large business owners running their grocery, cloths, cosmetics, electronics, toys, bikes  etc business. Quick implementation and usage of our technical solution allows business owners to make best use of digital technology while also helping the environment and saving huge unwanted costs. This also ensures continuous business without unwanted interruptions created by the global disaster of Covid19 pandemic.

KPM Global Technologies continues to grow ever day thanks to the confidence our clients have in us. We bring innovative digital cloud based solutions for many industries such as cosmetics, clothing, retail, tours & travel, flight booking, hotel booking, rental cars booking, for business services &  consumer products.

Our mission

  • Bring innovative & cost effective digital solutions
  • Bring automation and ease your work, so you’ll get more done in less time
  • Make best use of social media platforms to help increase your business
  • Help toward transforming your business with our expertise
  • Attract and retain our customers with our quality & cost effectiveness

We can help you to list your restaurant / takeaway on Google page 1 search result